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Creating Smart Facilities

The proven myEATz multi-platform solution connects customers to on-site concessions to save time and skip the line.

Selling Point Title
Express Pick-Up

Customers can utilize the popular option of ordering ahead and skipping the line at an Express Pick-Up counter.

With a small POS footprint and the ability to integrate with scanners, wired printers, NFC authentication, and more, Smart Facilities immediately benefit from this solution.

Employee Experience

myEATz uniquely offers customers the ability to place a mobile concession order and select delivery, maximizing convenience.

Depending on the smart campus, delivery options can be adjusted to individually serve sensitivities of the facility.

Competitive Advantage

Self-serve kiosks consistently increase throughput for seamless integration into current concession locations.

Kiosks come with medical-grade antimicrobial screen protectors and can be wiped down with bleach-based cleaners to thoroughly disinfect the service to keep customers safe.

It’s not just mobile ordering. myEATz uniquely benefits the facility, concessionaire, and the customer.

Selling Point Title
  • Integrate operational efficiencies within kitchens
  • Partnership with food and beverage provider to ensure streamlined operations.
  • Reduce food waste from inaccurate ordering.
Employee Experience
Food and Beverage Provider
  • Optimize employee break time
  • Utilize pre-order feature and skip the line
  • Web-based order screen, no need to download another application
Competitive Advantage
Employee / Customer
  • Create competitive and familiar option of mobile ordering
  • Highlight convenience of myEATz
  • Drive more incentive to order at the facility
  • Keep revenue in the facilityyKeep revenue in the facility